The Transition from the Country Kitchen to the Classic Country Kitchen

In recent years, the kitchens designed in a country style have returned to the global trend scene, which have dictated the general appearance of the kitchen and in turn, the overall atmosphere of the home. The country kitchen has distinct design characteristics associated with it that have been updated in recent years with the resurrection of the trend. Introducing the Classic Country Kitchen:​

The Classic Country Kitchen – Aged, not Old​​

We have become accustomed to thinking that a Country Kitchen is synonymous with a dusty, creaking kitchen with a European flavor from last century. But like in the world of fashion, in the world of interior design, the revival of a trend benefits from a number of refreshing innovations that make up a “trend facelift”, providing an updated identity to familiar elements.​

Combining a raw wood butcher block with a light 2141 Caesarstone surface induces a warm and inviting atmosphere in the updated Country Kitchen
Design: Hamotal Katzir
Photographer: Hagar Duplette​​​

One example of this kind of change can be found in the kitchen cabinet decorations that were characterized in the past by classic etchings and heavy engravings. Today, the same have become more moderate, and most have become straight and less curved. A change was also applied to the molding for the work space, and instead of selecting a thumb molding; more classic and straight moldings are selected.​

The Updated Country Kitchen. A Combination of Traditional Lines with Technological Innovations​
Design: Dalit Weinstock
Photography: Hagar Duplette​

Thumb moldings and dominant wood etchings – characteristics that underwent a facelift with the return of the trend​​

Additionally, the kitchens are accessorized with a range of technological developments, demystifying the widespread perception of the Country Kitchen: sophisticated tracks with telescopic hinges, quietly closing drawers, storage cabinets with fixtures from joints that enable easy access, electrical appliances that are embedded into the cabinet spaces, hidden LED lighting, and even sunken-in handles. You can definitely see in these changes the transition of elements between the Classic Kitchen and the Country Kitchen, which in recent years has been known as a Transitional Kitchen.​

The updated Country Kitchen trend is also known as a Transitional Kitchen​​

Selection of Materials:​

One of the elements that were preserved in the contemporary Classic Kitchen is the color palette and materials that complete the design assembly and provide it with an inviting, familial and warm appearance. This style is characterized by the use of materials such as natural stone, raw wood, and elements of rough fixtures decorated with basalt colors and hammered copper. The dominant colors will be subtle hues of brown and cream, and a combination of more intense colors such as mustard yellow, scarlet red and even shades of deep velvety green.​

The Classic Country Kitchen Surface:

Kitchen work surfaces have also been credited with an array of updates in recent years, allowing you to choose solutions that don’t require you to compromise on design in favor of practicality and vice versa. There is no doubt that in order to complete the Country look you would need to select a surface made of natural elements such as: a raw wood butcher block or a marble surface, granite in earth tones with elements of elegant veins and filaments. But the price of beauty requires routine maintenance work, which makes the surface problematic in such an active and lively space like the kitchen.

The Caesarstone Natural Series, inspired by natural stones and elements like tree roots and earth, brings nature into the home and completes the Country look. Like all the Caesarstone surfaces, ongoing maintenance is not required and the surfaces have long-lasting durability.​

In the Natural Series Supernatural Collection we use advanced technology in order to create the same elegant elements that characterize natural stones such as: veins, filaments and even thick dominant veins that you can find in the 5131 (Calacatta Nuvo) surface whose design is inspired by the Calcutta stone, and is characterized by a natural and elegant appearance of a white background with thick grey veins.

If you are interested in the more classic appearance of traditional granite, Model 6003 (Coastal Grey) will be an especially good match for a Country appearance, due to its dark tones with a strong and rich character and delicate swirls of grey that characterize the found granite stone.​

The Caesarstone Model 6003 is for those who would like a classic granite stone appearance​

Feel Classic with the push of a button – try it yourselves

The renewed trend aroused our desire to explore interesting color combinations between the surface, cabinets, and walls in the kitchen with a more traditional atmosphere. We invite you too to enter our imaging application in the Caesarstone website, to explore and match the Natural Series surfaces that integrate into a variety of designs.

Try it at home – Caesarstone’s imaging application with a traditional kitchen space