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Showcase kitchen enjoys global appeal

Caesarstone has long been recognized as a pioneer in bringing high-quality stone surfaces to life, and its innovative spirit is once again in evidence in 2012. At four industry events worldwide, Caesarstone has shown that it talks the language of architects and designers with an adaptable, ultra-minimalist concept that dissolves the boundaries between design and utility.

Attention in Brazil
Designed by Caesarstone’s International Sales Manager Dalia Kliger, Caesarstone’s ultra-minimalist kitchen took full advantage of a 100 sq. meters exhibition space at Revestir, the country’s leading stone, tile and marble event – dubbed the ‘fashion week’ of the industry. The Caesarstone kitchen was easily at home in this high-expectation environment with its Crocodile texture and vibrant Red Shimmer surfaces showing off sleek lines to outstanding effect. Providing the ideal talking point to engage with architects and interior designers, the kitchen also received excellent feedback from distributors.

Success in Milan
Milan is the design centre of Italy and April’s EuroCucina 2102 brought together the manufacturers and trendsetters who are driving kitchen design in Europe this decade. Caesarstone’s future-perfect design once again gained unprecedented attention, easily standing out among the crowd of 150 exhibitors. Designers admired the? nine-meter-long island expansive, dressed in white, Crocodile-textured surfaces, and with the latest ‘smart home’ technology discreetly hidden behind minimalist lines; all providing ample evidence of innovation and style working hand in glove.

Shanghai delight
The International Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Shanghai in April provided yet another fertile opportunity to showcase Caesarstone design excellence to a receptive audience. This year’s event, with its focus on smart innovation and sustainability, was perfectly in synch with the Caesarstone approach. Taking its cues from a color with a long tradition in Chinese design, the red Crocodile-textured kitchen captured the imagination of designers and the feedback from industry reflected huge interest in the company's commitment to quality and innovation.

Impressing in Israel
Israel’s Design and Renovation Exhibition, meanwhile, has long been a natural home for cutting-edge design in kitchen, furniture and bathrooms. Here, the Caesarstone kitchen set the pace once again as visitors admired seamless white Crocodile surfaces that cleverly incorporate ‘smart home’ technology to hide a full kitchen behind sliding doors.

‘The modern kitchen is a working zone for which consumers have the highest expectations,' Dalia Kliger explains. 'Each element of this Caesarstone kitchen has been designed with this dual function in mind. Participation at these four events has shown there are enthusiastic audiences for this high-concept design, which has proved equally appealing to architects, interior designers and consumers. We are excited about the great experiences we are bringing to our clients.’

Luxurious kitchens are now commercially available globally at a starting price of 200,000EUR. For details please contact [email protected]

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