Caesarstone’s spectacular collections may differ from one another, but they share an excellence of quality our customers have come to expect. Our range of styles and colors are here for you to play with, and adaptable enough to be used for applications such as kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, backsplashes, wall cladding, furniture and even flooring. With our quartz surfaces, you have an endless range of creative opportunities at your fingertips​​​​

About Caesarstone

  • Who we are?

    Caesarstone combines industry-leading technology with beautiful new designs to produce the most creative and dynamic surfaces.
    Our designs can inspire many different looks, so you can find and create exactly the one you want. From contemporary to traditional, kitchen to bathroom to hallway, with Caesarstone you can discover the design you’ve been searching for.


    Since 1987, from our base close to the ancient city of Caesarea, Caesarstone has been perfecting our production techniques, pioneering new designs and technologies with quartz. Today you can find our stylish collections in over 50 countries worldwide.


    Quality, innovation and cutting edge technology go into each and every collection. We’re constantly on the lookout for new ideas to incorporate into our designs, and our growing production capacity means even more exciting new colors and finishes.


  • What exactly is a Caesarstone quartz surface?

    Quartz is more than beautiful. It is also one of nature’s strongest minerals. Resistant to stains, scratches and cracks, quartz is impervious to heat and cold and to common household chemicals. Quartz surfaces combine form and function, allowing for the most diverse, durable and practical applications. Our surfaces retain the cool, tactile qualities of natural stone, while offering design freedom with almost unlimited application possibilities.

    Caesarstone surfaces are composed of up to ~90% quartz, and are therefore designed to last. We combine quartz with numerous polymers and dashes of pigments in a unique Caesarstone-patented process, resulting in a range of durable and beautiful quartz surfaces.


  • Is Caesarstone environmentally friendly?

    At Caesarstone, minimizing our impact on the environment is a top managerial priority, involving all our employees and departments to assure our sustainability leadership. We are committed to supporting voluntary programs and achieving independent certification for key initiatives. 

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Caesarstone Uses

  • Who are Caesarstone's Quartz Surfaces for?

    Caesarstone is for anyone who appreciates stunning design and outstanding quality.  Whether you’re a professional interior designer, an architect, or simply keen to embark on a home design project, Caesarstone can help you create something truly unique.


  • Where can I put Caesarstone?

    As our surfaces are so hygienic and durable, they are ideal as kitchen and bathroom countertops. Non-porous and safe, they are perfect in areas where food is being prepared.  They can be used wherever your imagination allows - from wall panels to stairways, customized furniture to flooring, and our products are here for you to play with and adaptable enough to use anywhere you dare.


  • Why should I choose quartz or porcelain for my worktop?

    Quartz and porcelain are not just aesthetically desirable, they're also highly durable. Because of their impressive design capabilities, you can have the aesthetic you want whilst having a long-lasting, hardwearing surface.

    Key benefits of these materials include:

    • Highly durable - much more so than most stone, marble and granite.
    • Scratch & stain resistant - Caesarstone surfaces are created to withstand the challenges of everyday life.
    • Easy care and maintenance - no sealing, treating or polishing is required of Caesarstone surfaces; simply wipe clean with soap and water.
    • Easy to install and highly adaptable - cut to the size and shape of nearly any space.  Consult your local certified Caesarstone fabricator for the best installation advice.
    • Design freedom - make the most of the forward-thinking Caesarstone designs by unleashing your artistic imagination, and by embracing the endless possibilities for a stunning design.

  • Can you put hot pans on quartz or porcelain worktops?

    Caesarstone’s quartz and porcelain surfaces are both highly durable, hard-wearing, and resistant to heat, making them the perfect foundation for your kitchen. However, like many materials, any prolonged or overexposure to extremely high temperatures could, in time, have an effect on your worktop.

    Our surfaces are tough, but not indestructible. We would always recommend using hot pads or trivets to protect and preserve the quality of your worktop, ensuring it remains beautiful and timeless for years to come. For more tips like this, please visit our care and maintenance page.

  • Are Caesarstone surfaces recommended for outdoor use?

    We’ve recently launched Caesarstone Porcelain, a range of porcelain worktops that are durable and UV resistant meaning you can enjoy them in your outdoor space. Whether you’re looking at the Supernatural CollectionMetropolitan Collection, or Classico Collection, you’ll be able to filter via material and browse your porcelain options. 

    Alternatively, if you’re looking for a quartz worktop, we have a specialist Outdoor Collection that’s been designed with elevated outdoor living in mind. Perfect for the approaching spring and summer months.

    Typically, quartz worktops aren’t designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions that can often be found in the UK. Therefore Caesarstone’s indoor surfaces should not be placed in locations that are subject to intense or direct sunlight or exposed to UV rays (excluding the Outdoor Collection as mentioned above).

  • What types of materials does Caesarstone offer?

    Here at Caesarstone, our worktops are made to the highest standard using durable and high performance materials in quartz or porcelain (also known as ceramic).

    The beauty of opting for one of the above materials is that they can give you creative freedom to achieve the aesthetic that you truly envision. When designing your kitchen, having the opportunity to push design boundaries means you can create a space that’s completely suited to you, with your own personal touch.

    Caesarstone Quartz offers a huge range of stunning surfaces across a range of collections depending on what kind of style you’re looking for. If your kitchen leans more towards nature and has an organic feel to it, a quartz surface from our Pebbles Collection like 1001 Riverlet could be the right fit for you.

    Caesarstone Porcelain is the newest addition to our work surfaces. With easy day-to-day care, porcelain has the added benefit of being UV resistant, meaning Caesarstone Porcelain is also suitable for outdoor use. For example, the breath-taking new 511 Smokestone is a great choice for those looking to add a dramatic centrepiece to their new kitchen or for those who are looking to elevate their outdoor space.

    Whether you're looking for a surface that evokes the emotion of natural stone, or one that offers the authentic textures of an industrial surface like concrete, both quartz and porcelain will be perfect for your kitchen design. You’ll receive a stunning worktop that looks great in your home and you can rest easy knowing that your surface will remain timelessly beautiful and benefit from a lifetime warranty.


Care & Maintenance & Warranty

  • How should I care for my Caesarstone?

    Our quartz surfaces are highly resistant to just about anything. They are more heat resistant than granite, marble and limestone, with a capacity to resist temperatures as high as 150 ̊ C. Maintaining their beauty for years to come is easy – a splash of warm water and mild detergent is usually all that’s required.  For more care information, click here.


  • What warranty do I receive?

    When you purchase Caesarstone you not only get beauty and durability, but also peace of mind.  Every surface comes with a warranty provided by the authorized Caesarstone distributor in your region, who will happily solve problems, answer questions and ensure you derive maximum satisfaction from your Caesarstone.  Contact your local distributor for more details.


  • Will a Caesarstone surface fade or lose its colour over time?

    Our porcelain and quartz surfaces are very easy to care for and maintain, with only the minimal upkeep required to ensure your Caesarstone worktop looks as good as the day you purchased it. In fact, we’re so confident in our stunning surfaces and how they can easily handle the hustle and bustle of daily life, we offer a lifetime warranty.

    From the very start to the very finish, our surfaces are designed to be highly durable. And we use carefully sourced materials to ensure they’ll remain safe from discolouration in your home. If you are considering an outdoor kitchen and want protection from UV rays, all our porcelain surfaces and our Outdoor Quartz Collection are designed to withstand the sun's harsh rays, offering you the perfect solution.

  • How do I look after my outdoor surface?

    Whether you’ve chosen one of our porcelain worktops or an outdoor quartz surface, they are all highly durable, non-porous, and resistant to chips and cracks making them a brilliant, low-maintenance option for your kitchen. The slabs in our outdoor quartz collection are strong enough to take on the elements of the everyday outside world, and our porcelain surfaces have the added benefit of being UV resistant so you never have to worry about fading or discolouration.

    To look after your outdoor surface, you only need soap and warm water to keep them clean. Use boards when cutting or chopping to avoid any unnecessary scratches, and don’t forget to use a trivet when placing hot cookware down to keep your surface looking like new. Should you wish, when not in use, you can shield your surface with a large waterproof covering to further protect it from the elements. For more information, you can download our Care Guide here. To calm any concerns you may have about your outdoor worktop, Caesarstone confidently offers a lifetime* warranty across our range of products. We go beyond excellence to give you the certainty that your surface will remain durable and timelessly beautiful.

Caesarstone Colours and Collections

  • How many looks can I choose from?

    Caesarstone features a vast range of different designs organised into three collections to match the latest trends and styles. Our range is constantly evolving and developing, integrating cutting-edge technology with exceptional quality to deliver the latest designs, to ensure you’ll find your perfect surface.

    All of our surfaces come in standard slab dimensions of 305 cm x 144 cm and in thickness of 13, 20 or 30 mm with the widest range of possibilities of edge profiles, shapes, patterns and textures.


  • What is the Classico Collection?

    Classico is our Classic Colour Collection.

    This classic, multi-colour collection ranges from salt-and-pepper motifs to vivid colour blends, ideal for a variety of residential and commercial applications. Classico colors are available in three different finishes: polished, honed (matte or non-glossy) and viento (textured).


  • What is the Concrete Series?

    Taking the emerging trend for a rough-hewn, industrial aesthetic one step further, the innovative Concrete Series is composed of colors and finishes which emulate the raw look and coarse texture of concrete.


  • What is the Supernatural Series?

    Inspired by some of the world's most beautiful natural stones, Caesarstone's Supernatural collection represents the newest addition to our range. Using cutting-edge technology, these earthy tones and delicate veins are infused with intricacies and textures.

    The new Supernatural designs adorn any interior – from traditional through contemporary and modern designs, maintaining all the advantages and timeless qualities of Caesarstone. 


  • What is the Concetto Collection?

    Concetto is our Semi-Precious Stones Collection.

    Concetto presents individually cut and bound semi-precious stones in elegant hand-made surfaces. Featuring unique colours and translucent surfaces, Concetto will enhance the design of any luxurious interior.


  • What are the benefits of a porcelain worktop?

    Choosing the right material for your worktop is a key part of any kitchen redesign, so getting to know the benefits of each option before making your decision is always wise.

    Firstly, Caesarstone Porcelain is available in a vast range of colours and designs, perfect for any kitchen no matter what style you’ve chosen, you’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice. Whether you’re looking for a marble effect to suit an elegant style or a raw, textured look for a more industrial-themed kitchen, you’ll find a work surface that is the ultimate feature for your home.

    Caesarstone’s porcelain worktops are built to the highest standards with great attention to detail so you always know you’re receiving the best quality surface for your home. A reason many opt for this material is that it is one of the more durable surfaces currently available, making it perfect for those busy, multi-purpose kitchens. And due to its resistance to UV rays, this worktop is also ideal for outdoor use too without fear of fading or discolouring, allowing you to enjoy more al-fresco dining in the summer sun.

    Practising good hygiene in the kitchen is absolutely essential. Choosing a surface like porcelain which is non-porous means no moisture should be absorbed which prevents bacterial growth. This also allows for quick and easy cleaning keeping you and your family safe from germs.

  • What are the differences between the Caesarstone collections?

    Caesarstone’s deluxe quartz and porcelain surfaces are split into four distinct collections; Classico, Metropolitan, Supernatural and The Outdoor Collection.

    Caesarstone has been at the forefront of this industry, bringing forth state-of-the-art surfaces unlike any other. Our in-house design team consistently works with leading trend consultants and colour experts to update our portfolio; pushing the boundaries with profound new quartz and porcelain designs whilst offering an array of timeless worktops.

    Our Classico Collection speaks for itself. If you’re looking for traditional Caesarstone quartz and porcelain surfaces ranging from shades such as 110 Whitenna to 3100 Jet Black; our multi-coloured collection is the ideal choice for someone looking for a simple, yet chic design. Classico remains the epitome of quality and style for both residential and commercial use.

    Our Metropolitan Collection has a unique story behind its construction and centres on the industrial theme. Each worktop from this collection has been inspired by manufacturing materials such as oxidised steel and poured plaster which captures its raw, urban aesthetic. Choose from a range of quartz surfaces such as 4033 Rugged Concrete or a range of porcelain surfaces such as 413 White Ciment

    Our Supernatural Collection takes its inspiration from nature by incorporating earthy tones and the natural beauty of marble and granite into stunning quartz and porcelain surfaces. This collection manages to combine traditional worktop designs with contemporary values to create a style of choice to suit all personal tastes.

    Our Outdoor Collection of quartz surfaces have been designed with elevated outdoor living in mind. They’re designed to withstand the elements and are UV resistant so you never have to worry about fading or discoloration.

    For a visual of each collection, visit the ‘Colour’ section of our website.

  • What designs and colours are available?

    Caesarstone’s large range of quartz and porcelain worktops currently consists of four collections: Classico, Supernatural, Metropolitan and Outdoor, all of which have been carefully and thoughtfully designed to meet the latest trends and styles.

    The Classico Collection is our classic, multi-coloured collection, ranging from salt-and-pepper motifs to vivid colour blends. Suitable for both residential and commercial applications, the Classico range offers the epitome of style, quality and practicality.

    The Supernatural Collection is inspired by nature itself – taking lead from earthy tones, delicate veins and raw textures. With subtle nuances from some of the world’s most beautiful natural stones like marble and granite, the Supernatural designs work seamlessly within both contemporary and traditional designs.

    The Metropolitan Collection draws upon the ever-evolving industrial design trend, utilising innovative technology to create truly unique colours and styles. Rough and unpolished, the range showcases authentic raw patinas and textures for a bold, urban aesthetic.

    The Outdoor Collection has been designed with elevated outdoor living in mind. The collection consists of three quartz surfaces designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and are UV resistant so you never have to worry about fading or discolouration in the sun.


  • What are Caesarstone surfaces made of?

    Composition of Caesarstone surfaces

    Caesarstone offers both quartz and porcelain surfaces that are made with high-quality materials that are designed to withstand the hustle and bustle of daily life. 

    The benefits of quartz and porcelain worktops compared to solid natural stone include a much-improved resistance to temperature changes and chemicals, giving it a distinct advantage, especially for use in kitchens.

    Porcelain is UV resistant and highly versatile, whereas quartz is extremely durable and can complement any kitchen design. They are easy to clean, highly resilient, and unlikely to crack, discolour or change in appearance as they age.

    Caesarstone surfaces allow for a myriad of design possibilities and continue to push the boundaries, investing in both design and research to reinvent a range of aesthetics.

    This rich understanding of the subtleties of design is most obvious in The Supernatural Collection of surfaces, which showcase elegant twists on classic marbles or granites, offering the luxury and elegance one expects from a natural stone, yet each with its own signature look that is unique to Caesarstone. 

    It is this continuing dedication to innovation that ensures every Caesarstone design is distinctive; the product of a long creative journey that results in a surface that acts as a foundation for us to create engaging spaces in our own homes. 

    As Mor Krisher, head of Caesarstone’s design team, puts it, “I think Caesarstone plays a role in creating environments that inspire, that connect us with nature or that provide the tactility that is so important to us as human beings.”

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