Health & Safety

Caesarstone Health & Safety

As the world’s leading global countertop surfaces developer and manufacturer, the health and safety of our employees, suppliers, partners and communities are our first priority. As such, Caesarstone promotes safe working environments, free of hazards and in compliance with all local laws.

Our surfaces are manufactured from up to 90% silica (quartz, silica sand and cristobalite) and high-quality polymer resins and pigments.

Caesarstone countertops, as finished products, do not present any type of health risk or hazard when transported, shipped or used by the end consumer. However, due to the silica content in the products, fabrication and processing of the products generates harmful respirable crystalline silica (RCS) dust.

Working in a harmful RCS environment requires fabrication and installation to be performed under particularly diligent safety conditions, in compliance with local occupational, safety and health regulations, along with all Caesarstone health and safety working guidelines.

Caesarstone is dedicated to making information and health and safety working guidelines accessible to fabricators worldwide via the Master of Stone fabricators website.

Caesarstone distributors and fabrication shop owners are required to provide their customers and employees respectively with the relevant information related to workplace health and safety, particularly in areas with RCS dust.

For more professional information regarding health and safety working guidelines visit the Master of Stone website,

review our global EHS policy statement and these Caesarstone professional guides:

Good Practice Guide - Steps to Avoid Health Hazards Related to Crystalline Silica Dust

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