iPhone Application

Caesarstone® Launches its New Interactive iPhone Application
Tel Aviv, Israel, August 17th, 2011 – Caesarstone Ltd., the pioneer and leading manufacturer of Caesarstone quartz surfaces, today announced it has launched its first iPhone application called “Caesarstone”. The application is available in four languages, English, French, Spanish, and Hebrew, and will be used in over 30 worldwide countries.  Available today on the apple iPhone App store, the application includes interactive features that will be valuable for a wide group of audience in the home décor industry.
When connected to the iPhone, users will be able to take full advantage of the various “Caesarstone” features, some of which include:
A. An Interactive Design Module - a ‘drag and drop’ feature, allowing users to match Caesarstone vast range of colors with a selection of cabinet shades, creating different kitchen and bathrooms designs.
B. A Where to buy/view – an inclusive list, location based, of showroom locations and dealers, with up to date displays of current exhibits, along with access to Google Map for directions.
C. Camera - providing users the ability to photograph any image and find its closes match with the available Caesarstone color collection.
D. Gallery – showcasing preferred images of kitchens, bathrooms, and worldwide commercial projects display application.
E. My Notebook - Save favorite colors and designs to the notebook to compare, review and share on facebook.
We are pleased to be launching this kind of technologically innovative solution,” Said Eli Feiglin, Caesarstone marketing VP. “These days, everyone wants to bring out their individuality and dreams while remodeling, building or expanding a home. Our company’s goal is to do just that, help people express themselves. This original application is another touch point to enhance our brand promise and communicate with our audiences. We look forward to developing further tools for iPad, and Android users as well.”
The power of ‘’Caesarstone’’ comes from its ability to inspire with its design modules and vast gallery, while providing  the most up to date "where to buy" information – all in a simple, on the go solution.
“Caesarstone” is free and can be downloaded for iPhone users at the Apple store. More information is available on the Caesarstone website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel.