Caesarstone at Eurocucina Exhibition in Milan

Eurocucina Exhibition
Yos Shiran, CEO of Caesarstone : "Caesarstone is proud to be the first building material company to present at the upcoming Eurocucina Exhibition in Milan, and views this as a further demonstration of its commitment to consumers, architects and designers in their journey designing internal spaces"
Presenting for the first time at the 2012 Eurocucina Exhibition, Caesarstone’s eye-catching exhibit will feature new colours and textures, fresh ideas and creative solutions for home décor. Highlighting the diverse applications of its fabulous quartz surfaces, Caesarstone brings a unique and innovative design perspective to this year’s Eurocucina Exhibition. 
Tel Aviv, Israel, February __, 2012 – Caesarstone Sdot-Yam Ltd., the pioneer and leading manufacturer of Caesarstone quartz surfaces, announced the premier presentation of Caesarstone’s Original Design Concepts at the upcoming 2012 Eurocucina Exhibition in Milan. The Caesarstone booth, designed entirely using the company’s exquisite quartz surfaces, will feature the imaginative and extensive applications of Caesarstone solutions, including bathrooms, flooring, furniture, wall coverings and countertops. The wide array of colours and textures that comprise Caesarstone’s Classico, Supremo, Motivo and Concetto Collections will be integrated into the booth’s design, providing visitors a hands-on introduction into the company’s diversified  product offering.
EuroCucina - the International Kitchen Furniture Exhibition - runs as part of the larger Saloni Exhibition at the Milan Fairgrounds, bringing together top Italian and foreign manufacturers. With 150 exhibitors occupying nearly 35,000 square meters, Eurocucina is Europe's most popular and prestigious trade show in the field. "We are both excited and honoured  to exhibit Caesarstone’s unique design concepts and quartz surface applications at this year’s exhibition,” said Caesarstone CEO, Yos Shiran. “We look forward to the opportunity to showcase our unique colours and textures within the context of such a prominent and impressive exhibition".
The Caesarstone booth will be located at Pad 15 H25 L24 within the Eurocucina Exhibition Hall. Global representatives of the Caesarstone brand invite architects, designers, consumers and members of the press to visit the company’s booth and learn more about Caesarstone’s innovation and inspired design perspective.
About Caesarstone
Founded in 1987 near the ancient Roman city of Caesarea, Caesarstone manufactures high-quality, quartz surface slabs for a variety of uses and applications, such as bathroom vanities, flooring, countertops for kitchens and more. A quartz surface pioneer and global leader, Caesarstone creates surface slabs that are easy to transport, fabricate, install and maintain. They are scratch resistant, heat resistant, non porous, and maintain their lustrous appeal for years to come. With an international distribution network, Caesarstone’s quartz surfaces are readily available worldwide and are accompanied by a comprehensive warranty and service.