The new Metropolitan Collection

Caesarstone leads the industrial trend with its new Metropolitan Collection.

Rough, tough and unpolished, this look forms part of the revival of modernism, a rethinking of brutalism and the rekindling of industrial architecture.

Robust construction finishes have become a popular choice amongst urban consumers, inspired by factories and lofts, and translated into residential and commercial interiors. Each sturdy surface in the Collection has been designed to reflect the authentic textures of manufacturing, such as oxidized steel, poured plaster and raw concrete.

By innovating cutting-edge technology exclusive to Caesarstone, weathered patinas have been achieved in quartz for the very first time – a breakthrough that one can literally feel and experience. These intriguing materials are organic, capturing real depth and movement; therefore, engaging visual impact that is embedded within each of the Metropolitan Collection's colours – making them inspiring in kitchens, surprising in bathrooms and striking in hospitality.

Caesarstone’s Metropolitan Collection has been designed to reflect the authentic patinas of industrial materials.
The variations in appearance capture real depth and movement, revealing different qualities that make each slab unique.


The new Metropolitan Collection: