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The wide choice of colors, profiles and integral strength of Caesarstone’s quartz surfaces allows interior designers and architects to explore a huge range of creative concepts and to push the boundaries of practical applications.

Slab Dimensions

The availability of the various sizes mean Caesarstone quartz is suitable for a wide variety of applications - kitchen worktops, kitchen islands, bathroom vanities, bathroom countertops, wall paneling and other applications.
The standard dimensions of a Caesarstone quartz slab are 3050 mm x 1440 mm and three thicknesses are available: 20 mm, 30 mm and 13 mm on selected colors.

Thickness        Slab Weight         Slab Weight/m2
30 mm            290-306 kg           66-70 kg/m2
20 mm            189-210 kg           43-48 kg/m2
13 mm            127-143 kg           29-33 kg/m2       


Our new 3340 mm x 1640 mm slabs can be selected in 20 mm or 30 mm thickness.

Jumbo slabs are now available in select colors, making it easier than ever to fill larger spaces with fewer seams.

Edge profiles, shapes or designs can be ordered to your specification.


Polished Surfaces
The Caesarstone polished surfaces offer a diverse variety of attractive colors with an elegant finish and silky feel that is smooth to the touch. The light reflecting gloss offers the perfect solution for today’s contemporary design desires and their minimal care requirements make them wonderfully easy to live with.

Honed Surfaces
The Caesarstone honed surfaces are finished with a matte look and satin touch that is perfectly in harmony with today’s super-modern design trends. Their understated elegance, stylishness and authentic quality make them the connoisseur’s choice.

Viento Surfaces
The Viento surfaces are in a class of their own due to innovative technology that provides a lightly textured, natural look. With its matt organic finish, Viento pays homage to nature with a fine texture that is reminiscent of wind and sand. Combining a low level of gloss with high stain resistance and minimal maintenance, Viento express the extremes of form and function.

Comparisons vs. other materials

Caesarstone has significant advantages over natural stone and other surfacing materials due to its superior strength and quality.
The following tests show the superiority of Caesarstone’s physical properties compared with various typical natural stones (performed by Breton spa, Italy).


Caesarstone Technical Data Sheet – English

Caesarstone Technical Data Sheet  – French

Caesarstone Technical Data Sheet – Spanish