Caesarstone Ltd., Kibbutz Sdot Yam, MP Menashe 3780400, ISRAEL, Corporate Registration No. 51-143950-7 (hereinafter: "Caesarstone" or the “Company”) will arrange a prize-winning photo contest from April 16th, 2018 until April 21st, 2018 (hereinafter: the Contest”). 

Participation in the Contest is subject to the conditions specified in these Regulations and any Participant[1] in the Contest must meet all of the terms specified herein.

Participation in the Contest by the Participant via submission of a Photo, indicates the Participant’s utter and complete consent to all terms specified in these Regulations, and even if the Participant engages with the Contest without reading the Regulation he shall be deemed as if he read and agreed therewith completely. Therefore, anyone interested in participating in the Contest is required to carefully read the Regulations prior to it.



1. The Contest

  1. Each participant is required to take a live photograph using his own camera/smartphone device of his creative interpretation at 'Altered States' for Caesarstone (as displayed at Fuorisalone 2018, Palazzo dell’Ufficio Elettorale, Porta Romana Corso di Porta Romana 10, 20122, Milan, Italy) when he physically arrives to Caesarstone's exhibition therein during the 2018 Design Week in Milan, Italy, and tag it, on the social networks VIA HIS OWN ACCOUNT at: Instagram and/or Facebook and/or Twitter and use the hashtag: #CSmilan2018 (hereinafter: the “Photo” and the "Submission"). Any closure or limitation upon Participant's Instagram and/or Facebook and/or Twitter account during or following the Contest, regardless of the origin or reason for such closure or limitation, shall disqualify Participant's participation in the Contest.
  2. Regardless of the winning Photo, all or some of the Photos that will be tagged, will be posted on Caesarstone’s and Caesarstone's partners', customers' and distributors', worldwide Facebook pages and other websites and social media pages and applications (all, collectively hereinafter: the “Pages”), and by participating in the Contest the Participant provides his consent to upload the said Photos onto the Pages, provides the Company and anyone on its behalf a worldwide, unlimited, irrevocable, royalty free license to Use (as defined below), and is aware that, among others, the Company and anyone on its behalf may make unlimited use (commercial or other), edit, redact, supplement, duplicate, change, distribute, present, publish and make derivatives (all, collectively hereinafter: “Use”) of these Photos as part of its marketing and advertising actions (via any type of media, print, online or otherwise) without entitling the Participant to any remuneration, right, or other type of compensation to, or confirmation or notification right for such Use. It should be clarified that the Company has the freedom whether to publish tagged Photos and the right to remove tagged Photos already published at its sole discretion, without providing any notice.

2. Selecting the Winning Photo

  1. The Photos tagged on Instagram and/or Twitter and/or Facebook will be examined by the Contest’s judges who will ultimately select the winning Photo.
  2. The Photos posted on the Pages will be selected by a panel of selected judges nominated by the Company and the selection of the winning Photo shall be based on aesthetic and professional considerations, such as the Photo quality, originality, content and so forth, all at the sole discretion of both the judging panel and the Company.
  3. The Participant tagging the winning Photo will win a prize: Cell phone pillow designed by Snarkitecture; prize value in total is €160 Euros (Euros), as indicated by Snarkitecture.
  4. The judges’ decision is final, and the Participant shall have no claim and/or demand whatsoever in this regard.


3. Winner Notification

  1. The notification of a prize winning will be posted on "Caesarstone International" Facebook Page, on a date selected by the Company following the lapse of the Contest, without being obligated to provide reasoning or rational.
  2. The Company may, at its sole discretion, disqualify a winner and/or choose a different Photo, if the initial winner has not made written contact within ten (10) days of the date of posting the winner notification on the "Caesarstone International" Page to provide his details for receiving the prize, or if he did not meet any of the terms specified herein.
  3. The Participant agrees and approves that his name and profile picture may or may not be published on Caesarstone's Pages as the Contest Winner, at Caesarstone's sole discretion.

4. Usage Rights of the Photo

  1. Each Participant declares that the Photo is his own creation, he is the sole owner thereof and nobody else apart from him has any rights whatsoever regarding the Photo and the Use (as defined above) of it, and shall indemnify the Company with regard to any claim, cost or demand made by any third party claiming to have any right regarding the Photo (including reasonable attorney costs), at Caesarstone first demand.
  2. Furthermore, subject to the provisions of these Regulations, the Participant undertakes that the Participant himself will be solely responsible and liable to the Company and any third party with regard to any circumstance or outcome of uploading the Photo, in any respect (legally, monetary or otherwise), including in case which another person appears in the Photo, there which this person shall be deemed to be in full consent that Participant and the Company will use the Photo as part of the Contest and as set forth herein, and including circumstance or outcome of uploading the Photo causing the Photo to be distributed and published further online throughout the Internet.
  3. The Participant declares that he knows that he is has the sole responsibility for all materials and photos uploaded to Instagram or Twitter or Facebook for the Contest and for the consequences of their display on the Pages or any other media or channel. The Participant commits not to submit ineligible Photos such as:
    • 3.1 Photos that may harm other participants and/or Caesarstone's reputation in any way.
    • 3.2 Photos that the Participant is not permitted to publish.
    • 3.3 Photos that violate or infringe upon another person's rights, including but not limited to copyright, trademarks, moral rights, rights of privacy/publicity or intellectual property rights of any person or entity, and that no other party has any right, title, claim or interest in the photograph.
    • 3.4 Photos that contain illegal content. These include, in particular, slanderous, obscene, defamatory, sexually explicit, nude, misleading, humiliating, disturbing, injurious or discriminatory contents (particularly regarding age, religion, sex, nationality, race, sexual orientation, disability, etc.). Caesarstone has the sole right to determine if a photo violates these criteria.
    • 3.5 Photos that were sponsored by a third party in any way or form.
    • 3.6 Photos that contain viruses, worms or any other harmful software that may inflict damage.
    • 3.7 Photos that may be considered as an unauthorized advertisement, advertising collateral, spam, chain letter, or any other form of solicitation.

5. Miscellaneous

  1. Without derogating from that stated in these Regulation, it is hereby clarified that the Participant expressly agrees:
    • 1.1 Not to participate with the intent of fraud and not to interfere or interrupt in other Participants' activities in the Contest.
    • 1.2 Not to overload Caesarstone Contest Pages and/or interfere in any other way with the proper conduct of the Contest and its purpose.
    • 1.3 Not to impose as another person and/or participate in the contest with another person's name and/or not to create a fictive account in order to participate in the Contest.
    • 1.4 Not to participate in a way that harms Caesarstone's reputation.
    • 1.5 Act in accordance to the Terms and Conditions of Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and in accordance to their Privacy Policy.
    • 1.6 That all details that are collected about him will serve Caesarstone in accordance to Caesarstone's Privacy Policy, as indicated in the website:
    • 1.7 To upload Photos for the Contest by using Instagram or Twitter or Facebook and tagging them with #CSmilan2018 in accordance to these Regulations.
  2. By participating, the Participant release, discharge and hold harmless Caesarstone, its subsidiaries, affiliates, directors, officers, employees, and agents from any and all liability with respect to the contest or the acceptance, possession or use of any prize, including without limitation (i) any condition caused by events beyond Caesarstone’s control that may cause the contest to be disrupted or corrupted; (ii) any injuries, losses, or damages (compensatory, direct, incidental, consequential or otherwise) of any kind arising in connection with or as a result of the prize, or acceptance, possession, or use of the prize, or from participation in the Contest; and (iii) any printing or typographical errors in any materials associated with the Contest.
  3. Caesarstone reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to cancel, modify or suspend the contest in whole or in part, in the event of fraud, technical or other difficulties or if the integrity of the Contest is compromised, without liability to the participant.
  4. The Participant acknowledges that his participation and/or non-participation in the Contest is contingent upon the Internet being available and in proper working order, including computer networks, Instagram applications, Twitter accounts, Facebook pages and Caesarstone websites, where the tagged Photos with #CSmilan2018 are displayed. Caesarstone and/or its designee are not responsible for the proper working order of any communications systems and/or digital systems, including the Internet, and they are not and will not be held accountable for any absence in signal and/or disruptive signal of messages and/or data and/or disruption in message transmission and/or any other disruption and/or for any other malfunction in said systems, as well as all other equipment not in their control, and they shall not be held liable for interruptions and/or disruption in said systems. The Participant does not and will not have any claim, demand or lawsuit for any damage, loss, forfeiture, impact on the odds of winning or expense caused thereto due to a mistake, breakdown, disruption, delay or malfunction arising from said systems.
  5. This contest is open to all persons over the age of 18 who meet the Regulations established herein, subject to all law.
  6. Company employees and any of their family members are not allowed to participate in the Contest.
  7. Participation in the Contest is not contingent upon any payment whatsoever.
  8. It should be clarified that the Company may modify the terms of the Contest at any time, as it sees fit, at its sole discretion and without informing any participant.
  9. The laws of the State of Israel will apply to the Contest’s terms or any part thereof, as well as anything deriving or entailing therefrom, including in relation to non-Israeli participants.

[1] The Regulations are drafted in the masculine for convenience only


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