Caesarstone University

Caesarstone University was launched in 2008 as an innovative, knowledge-sharing concept designed to provide education, training programmes and real-time technical support to fabricators of Caesarstone worldwide. Since then, it has developed into a comprehensive, user-friendly resource of information to educate, guide and support our customers in all aspects of working with C​aesarstone.

We have created a multi-language knowledge library of expertly researched and designed technical manuals, in both print and digital formats, that cover a broad range of fabrication, installation, troubleshooting and design issues. Our Videopedia collection of short “how to” instructional movies enhances the knowledge library with training and guidance in video format.

In addition, Caesarstone University holds seminars that bring together the top Caesarstone technical specialists, in a forum that enables them to exchange knowledge and expertise, enhancing the standard of Caesarstone fabrication and installation worldwide. Caesarstone University also provides a wide range of training options, from new recruits to experienced professionals.


Professional Guidelines for Fabricators