The Concetto’s "Wow" factor

Having a "Wow" factor was one of the main priorities for the owners of the home in Earlwood, Sydney (Australia), designed by Sublime Architectural Interiors, which specializes in innovative kitchen and bathroom design. In addition to the kitchen playing a part as one of the key spaces in the home, it was designed very early in the project to set the tone for the rest of the home. The clients were looking for not only the design to function, but for the space to be able to transform easily from the day to day needs of their small family of 4 to a sophisticated entertainer at other times.

One of the key features of this kitchen is the use of Caesarstone Concetto in "White Quartz". The unique Caesarstone Concetto Collection is an exceptional assortment of inspiring surfaces that are handmade from individually cut and bound semi-precious stones. A dramatic fusion of nature, technology and art, Concetto's designs bring out the natural beauty of the semi-precious stones in order to create the ultimate luxury counters and countertop.

In this case, the transparent, white crystal has barely visible delicate patterns reminiscent of glinting light reflecting off Antarctic ice glaciers. The island table is fully illuminated including the table support to the floor. The table is fully backlit with RGB LED strip lighting, colour controlled with a home management system via an iphone or ipad. Just this feature alone gives this space a real sense of luxury and diversity.

Thinking outside the box is the hallmark of contemporary interior architecture, and it is very clearly reflected in the design of this new space. In this kitchen, meal preparation is much more of a special event with guests and hosts enjoying the social interaction and warm inviting light from the feature table. Whether the clients are serving a family lunch, or hosting a grand party, this kitchen is ready for any occasion.
A living space
A similar approach led "Sublime Architectural Interiors" when designing a house in New Farm, Brisbane. In this case, the client was looking to breathe new life in a derelict set of flats, by raising the building and transforming it into a new triple storey home. The owner loves entertaining and wanted to create a living space that would embrace her lifestyle of entertaining friends and clients and her love of the outdoors.
Cooking is a key to her lifestyle, so regularly catering for up to 15 guests on a weekly bases, meant that this became the focus of the design. However, she wanted to stay connected with guest while cooking and for an island in the kitchen that would form the centerpiece and hold the whole space together.

The key feature of the entire space is the booth seating. Anchored on the back of the centre island, this seating is casual for day to day use but can seat up to four during entertaining. It gives a lounging feel and allows the chef to remaining a part of the conversation whilst entertaining.
This feature is then matched with the focal point of the design, the illuminated dining table made from a piece of Caesarstone's Grey Agate Back. This table is also fully backlit with RGB LED strip lighting, colour controlled with an app that can be used on an iphone or ipad.
Both kitchens show why designers and architects love working with Concetto surfaces, which are ideal for diverse applications such as exclusive kitchen & bathroom surfaces, luxury countertops, lavish floors and walls, opulent furniture and vanities, as well as special features and more.
Each unique Concetto piece is made from an original semi-precious stone that serves to enhance its unique shadings and inherent patterns. Skillful engineering enhances the innate brilliance and colors of the stones through sensitive design, that reinforces each individual stones' natural hues and shades. The Concetto surfaces represent top-quality, luxury countertops that need minimal maintenance and that are heat, stain and scratch resistant.